November 7, 2016

Case 1 Tape 5: A Friend In Need

Sam learns from the librarian Katie Moore that an ancient book entitled The Book of The Underlands contains information regarding The Thin Man, and spells to contact otherworldly creatures. Meanwhile, Daniel hitches a ride with Tony back to the film set and brainstorms with Chuck, who has had no luck spying on David Parker, the film star. Together, they hatch a plan to drive Parker out in the open in an effort to discover why he’s been disappearing from the film set and looks tired all the time...
The Lovecraft Tapes is a weekly real-play Call of Cthulhu 7th edition RPG campaign podcast recorded using Google Hangouts,, Audacity and Adobe Creative Cloud. Episodes are available on iTunes, Google Music, Stitcher and Podbean. For more information and advertising/sponsorship opportunities please contact
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