November 20, 2018

Case 7 Tape 6: Poles Apart

In This Episode:
The investigators continue their search for the missing Dan Williams with mixed results. True to character, Roy alienates the local populace, antagonizing a mild-mannered caretaker who only wanted a new fishing buddy. Jack tracks a downed drone. D3t0x receives a mysterious text message scrambled with cryptography and discovers disturbing images on the drone's memory card. Roy attempts to sneak into Sunset Cottage but meets Constable Lumley. Jack gets another unsettling phone call. Meanwhile, Lumley accompanies D3t0x across the street for a personal tour of Dan's last known whereabouts. Frustration sets in as the investigators mull their options on how best to get to Bloodsworth Island, even as D3t0x manages to unscramble the cryptogram...
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Ivory Coast Extractions
The Lovecraft Tapes is a real-play Call of Cthulhu 7th edition RPG campaign podcast recorded using OBS, YouTube, Roll20, Audacity and Adobe Creative Cloud. Episodes are available on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher and Podbean. For more information and advertising/sponsorship opportunities please contact

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